UX in Virtual and Augmented reality talk

UX in Virtual and Augmented reality talk

The mouse and keyboard are the main means with which we control the computers around us, but with virtual and augmented reality technology how can we reach a similar level of control without either of them? My talk explored the current state of technology, the problems that it introduces and common solutions.

At the end of 2015 I was invited to participate in the UXPA (User Experience Professionals Association) UK World Usability Day ann speak about immersive technology that we are working on that later became Plexus glove.

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You can view the talk on YouTube

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Eugene Nadyrshin

Eugene is a tech entrepreneur who loves when software and hardware meet. He enjoys using technology to solve real life problems, big and small. He gets the kick out of helping people and as a Y-Combinator alum advises early-stage hardware startups how to avoid the common pitfalls in getting to product and beyond.