Eugene at StartOut Awards Hi, I'm Eugene, a tech entrepreneur who loves when software and hardware meet. I enjoy using technology to solve real life problems, big and small. I get the kick out of helping people and I genuinly feel better when that what I’m doing helps towards making the world more sustainable.

I am very hands on and love building physical and digital projects. I also love getting involved with nature, and living in harmony with it and I love finding ways to use my tech knowledge to improve our sustainability as a species.

I often help startups both as a sounding board and in a more formal setting. I was privileged to be an advisor at Y-Combinator Startup School 2018 and have met some amazing founders along my journey so far, and always looking to meet more.

Why start a blog in 2020? Well I've been jotting thoughts and ideas in my trusty RocketBook for a few years now. I love getting feedback on my talks, and recently a Y-Combinator alum came up to me after a talk I have on iterating on hardware. He let me know that me sharing my experinces with him a few months prior helped him turn his company around and give it a fighting chance. That with other founders suggesting I put my thoughts on the internet is why you are reading this!

Hackers love to build hardware, and customers love to buy it. So if the ease of shipping hardware even approached the ease of shipping software, we'd see a lot more hardware startups.

- Paul Graham, Co-Founder of Y-Combinator