Using RFID cards for access control to tools

A few months ago I got involved in a access control project for tools at HackSpace. The project is interesting because it alleviates a few of the problems at a community workshop, mainly misuse of tools. Up till now we’ve been using plain old keys that only people who’ve been through the training are supposed to know the location of (yes yes a very fool proof method I know :)

So we decided to use the oyster cards, that we already use to get physcial access to the space and expand on that as most londoners have on oyster card anyway.

Here’s a brief overview of the system. Of-course ACnodes themselves are more complex but as was concentrating on writing the back-end, I put a tad more detail there

You can find more details on the project link.

And lastly, Sol, who’s working on the ACnodes themselves has recorded a quick video showing the node connected to our 3-in1 lathe (the more dangerous kind) which shows it reading the card and checking with the central server if the card owner is allowed to use it.