London Hackspace public day

London Hackspace logo  So yesterday I’ve decided to finally visit the London Hackspace that I’ve been meaning to visit for quite some time.

For those that do not what hackspaces are (myself included until a few weeks ago), these are basically organisations which offer members space (i.e. a workshop of sorts) equipped with tools, materials and equipment that members buy or salvage. I went there because I’ve been interested in robotics since I before I learned to solder, so before I was 4 (insert your “in Soviet Russia” joke here ….)! There are some peeps there interested in robotics but there is no groups like the other Bio/Music/Gadget/etc groups but I did notice the Imperial College Robotics Society sticker on one of the laptops (but no sign of owner). My hope is that I can start going though the list of my project ideas that I’ve not been able to do at home due to lack of space or equipment, mainly because robotics requires electronics, programming and mechanics which means short of a tuning fork I usually need most workshop equipment!

While there I met two Industrial Design MA students (Lea and Jason), Jason was looking around at the router and introduced me to Lea who had a funky arts project and was looking for someone to do a basic micro-controller(a.k.a. uC) circuit for her to control 6 servos on inputs from a clock and a soil humidity sensor. I’ve decided to help her out as it would be a good project to remind myself of uC programming and electronics :)

I have to say that leaving the HackSpace I was very pleased that places like this exist in UK, I’ve been losing faith in UK’s interest in robotics as a hobby especially when compared to the interest across the pond and in mainland europe.

And now I’m looking forward to the hacking I’m going to get done :)

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